Istanbul: A Turkish charity said on Friday one person was killed and two hurt near the Syrian city of Aleppo when Syrian warplanes hit two trucks carrying aid on its behalf.

Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) said that trucks carrying flour and blankets were caught in the middle of an air campaign late on Thursday by the Syrian Air Force targeting rebel strongholds in the divided city.

“A Syrian citizen became a martyr while two others were wounded in the attack,” the IHH said in a statement.

Rebel-held areas of Aleppo have come under massive air assault since mid-December as government forces try to regain full control of Syria’s second city and one-time commercial hub.

A staunch opponent of the regime in Damascus, Turkey hosts nearly one million refugees from the three-year Syrian conflict as well as rebels and army defectors.

IHH is a relief foundation close to the conservative Islamist-rooted government and has organised aid for Syrian refugees who have fled the bloodshed in their country for Turkey and Lebanon.