Dubai: Syrian Cabinet yesterday issued a blueprint of the 68th Article of Election Law, one of three laws promised by President Bashar Al Assad's package of reforms. But the opposition swiftly rejected the law and went on to call for another Friday of protests today throughout the country.

Marking the 20th week of the uprising, the opposition tagged this Friday as ‘Your Silence is Deadly'.

"It is a message for those who kept silent for 135 days since the eruption of the uprising to form a clear stand and take to the street along with thousands of protesters in every city in Syria. The unified stand of people against the regime will help stopping the killing machine," said Omar Idlibi, spokesman for the self-acclaimed Coordination Committees of Syrian Revolution.

He said the opposition has no time to listen and read the new laws issued by illegitimate government representing an illegitimate regime. The Election Law, however, came along with positive changes including the judicial supervision on the election which was never the case in the old electoral system.

The laws of multi-parties and elections issued by the cabinet and the information law which is expected to be issued early next week all form the tripod upon which the reform will function in the country, said Dr Adnan Mahmoud, Syrian Minister of Information.

Judicial committees

He said the judicial committees will be formed in every province of the country. "Each province will form a single electoral unit except for Aleppo Province, which will be divided into two units," he said.

Dr Ammar Qurabi, Secretary General of the Conference for Change in Syria and the National Organisation for Human Rights said Syria said the proposed election law is not going to quell the uprising because the regime is not sincere in its reform.