20200915 top news arrest in goa
Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A 19-year-old Palestinian man in West Bank has been arrested for allegedly killing his young cousin with a screw after failing to rape him, according to local media.

The 7-year-old victim was stabbed 17 times in various parts of his body, leaving him drenched in a pool of blood. Later, he was thrown into a dirty water channel.

The victim, who resides in West Bank city of Salfit, is said to have been visiting his uncle with his family when he was lured to have sex with him by his cousin and a friend while playing around. However, the boy refused and said he would inform his father about the inappropriate behaviour. Out of dread of being discovered, the man took a screw and stabbed the victim 17 times, causing his tragic death.

According to the victim's family, the killer's father and brothers tried to hide the crime when they learned of it. They washed the blood that was all over the place where the victim was killed, hoping they wouldn't be caught. They also disposed of his body by throwing it into a remote dirty water channel.

Following the boy's unjustified absence, his family began searching for him, and when they lost hope of finding him, they called the police for assistance.

Police patrols rushed to the scene and immediately launched an investigation. The killer's family appeared to be confused during the investigation of the family and the victim's relatives. The investigation resulted in the identification of the murderer, who was arrested and will be referred to the public prosecution for further legal action. Additionally, the tool used in the incident was seized.