crime scene
Representational image only. Image Credit: Pexels

Cairo: Lebanese police said they had arrested a Syrian woman allegedly for killing her husband because he had planned to marry another woman.

The suspect had killed the husband aged 35 while he was asleep in collaboration with her brother and claimed he was missing.

Police said the murder had been perpetrated by hitting the husband on the head with an iron tool and repeatedly stabbing him.

The suspected partners then buried the dead body inside a pit

The 33-year-old woman had claimed her Syrian husband had gone missing since February 22, Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces said in a statement.

Investigators, however, suspected that the woman and her brother were behind the husband’s disappearance.

Both were arrested and admitted to the murder, claiming the husband had planned to marry another woman and used to physically abuse his children.

Lebanon hosts hundreds of thousands of Syrians displaced from the homeland by civil war now in its 11th year.