Najib Mikati
Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: The Lebanese Minister of Information George Kurdahi has said his resignation from the government is 'out of question', Arabic media reported.

The minister’s remarks were made yesterday during a TV interview, following the crisis with the Gulf countries due to his critical statements about the Yemen war.

Kurdahi’s remarks caused an uproar in Lebanon, with some demanding him to resign from the government.

The Lebanese PM’s office announced that Najib Mikati asked Kurdahi, in a phone call, to “assess the national interest and take the appropriate decision [for the sake of] Lebanon’s Arab relations”. Mikati also urged Kurdahi to "put his patriotic sense above all else" to defuse a crisis with Saudi Arabia

Earlier Saturday, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister said that the Kingdom has no opinion on whether Lebanon’s government should stay or resign, adding that the Saudi crisis with Lebanon “has its origins in Hezbollah's dominance of the country”.