Beirut: Three weeks after the bloody confrontations between the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and Syrian extremist groups led by the Jabhat Al Nusra in the Northern Bekaa Valley city of Arsal that cost the lives of 19 soldiers, at least 15 civilians, and more than 60 militants, the names of 26 (out of 28 believed to be alive) kidnapped soldiers were released on Monday, although no one would confirm whether this tally was complete. Earlier reports stated that at least 32 or perhaps up to 35 officers, were taken hostage. Three were released in early August. According to a mediating group — assumed to be the Committee of Muslim Scholars — 10 LAF members were being held by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), while the Jabhat Al Nusra allegedly held 15 Internal Security Forces (ISF) policemen, 3 LAF soldiers and the corpse of officer Mousa Tabbouri.

Hostages held by Isil

LAF Soldiers

Khalid Hasan

Ali Al Sayyed

Hussain Mahmoud Ammar

Abdul-Rahim Mohammad Diab

Ali Zayd Al Masri

Saif Hasan Thebian

Ebrahim Moghayt

Abbas Medlej

Mohammad Yousuf

Ali Haj Hassan

Hostages held by the Jabhat Al Nusra:

LAF Soldiers

Mohammad Maarouf Hammiyeh

Two unidentified soldiers

ISF Captives

Ahmad Abbas

Ali Bazzal

Abbas Mshayk

Lame’ Mzahem

Salah Al Baradghi

Sleiman Dirani

Mohammad Taleb

Ziad Amr

George Khizaqa

Ihab Al Atrash

Maher Fayyad

Wael Homs

Maymoun Jaber

Pierre Geagea

Rawad Bedrahmein