Iman Arsheed who was shot dead by 37-year-old Uday Khalid Abdullah Hassan. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: The Jordanian man who killed a female university student Iman Arsheed shot himself and later died in a hospital after he was trapped by police, local media said on Sunday.

According to a statement by Public Security Directorate, the 37-year-old Uday Khalid Abdullah Hassan threatened to commit suicide when he was located by police in a farm. The suspect refused to surrender and shot himself in the head.

Uday Khalid Abdullah Hassan threatening to commit suicide after police located him in a farm in Jordan. Image Credit: Social media

Photos and videos circulating on social media show the suspect holding a gun to his head and lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

On Saturday evening, local media quoted a spokesman for the Public Security as saying that the suspect who shot six bullets at Arsheed on university campus on Thursday, had been located. One of the bullets hit her head, and she died shortly after arriving at hospital.

The Public Security Directorate confirmed that the killer had shot himself after being surrounded by securitymen in the farm in Balaama. He succumbed to gun shot wounds later.