A picture posted on Radio Amen FM’s page of the food and the sisha. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: A driver and his friend have been arrested in Jordan for smoking shisha and cooking while driving, local media reported.

According to the Highway Patrol Department, the duo was arrested on Monday after being caught with a cooking pan and shisha. The department shared some pictures of them while having Shisha and cooking.

The incident was posted on Radio Amen FM’s radio page and quoted the department, which said that being busy with distractions while driving is a major cause of many traffic accidents.

Last year, Jordan has reported a significant increase in the number of road accidents. At least 589 people were killed and 18,000 injured in traffic accidents in Jordan, Khaberni reported.

Traffic Department data showed that more than 100 of the deceased were aged less than 10 years. It said deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents jumped by 37.4 per cent, compared to 2020.