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Dubai: A Jordanian court has found a 30-year-old man guilty of a series of severe offenses, including assaulting his father and threatening police officers with a burning gas cylinder.

The court, responsible for adjudicating cases pertaining to royalties and bullying, handed down a three-year prison sentence to the defendant, additionally mandating him to bear the legal expenses incurred during the trial.

As per the detailed verdict, the young man had viciously assaulted his father, hurling obscenities and evicting him from their home, alongside his sibling. The violent episode escalated to the point of extensive damage to the house furniture.

The situation further deteriorated when police officers arrived at the central Amman residence in response to the complaint lodged by the victim, the defendant’s father.

The defendant then exhibited an escalated level of aggression, threatening the police officers by lighting a gas cylinder and attempting to hurl it at them, in a perilous act of defiance.

The assault did not end there, as he resorted to stone-pelting, targeting not only the officers but also damaging vehicles belonging to neighbouring residents. Despite putting up a significant resistance, the police were eventually able to apprehend him.

In his testimony, the defendant’s father delineated the turbulent relationship with his son, describing him as a person with a history of antisocial behaviour and drug abuse.

The distraught father further highlighted the existing strain in their neighbourhood relations, largely attributed to his son’s notorious reputation. He explicitly disowned his son, citing fears for his own safety and the wellbeing of other community members.

Shockingly, the court unveiled the defendant’s extensive criminal history, highlighting an alarming tally of 64 previous criminal convictions. These convictions encompass a range of crimes including, but not limited to, theft, carrying firearms illegally, physical assault with weapons, armed robbery, and substance abuse.

The court, in its verdict, established that the defendant had indeed perpetrated acts of violence against his father, initiated a fire in the house, and assaulted personnel from the General Security forces.