Food poisoning. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: More than 300 people were hospitalised due to food poisoning after having meals at a restaurant in Ain Al Basha, north west of the Jordanian capital Amman.

According to local media, the people fell sick after having shawarma and roast chicken at the restaurant on Monday evening. They were rushed to the Prince Hussein Hospital in Baq’a in the Balqa Governorate.

Most of them were discharged while 74 were hospitalised.

Dr. Sa’ad Jaber, the Health Minister, on Tuesday was reassured on the condition of the 74 people who were admitted in the mass poisoning incident after taking meals at the restaurant, which was closed down later.

Jaber instructed the management of the Prince Hussein Hospital to follow up on the condition of the patients, who remained in the hospital and offer them the necessary medical care until they recover. Some severe cases were transferred to other hospitals in the Balqa Governorate.

The minister said that competent authorities were asked to track the source of the poisoning, take samples and conduct lab tests to determine the primary cause of the poisoning.

“The patients who were admitted to hospitals are in a good and stable condition, and are expected to be discharged soon,” Dr. Jaber said.

Hakim Khreisha, the governor of Ain Al Basha district, said among the patients are seven members of a family who suffered poisoning after consuming food from the local restaurant. He added that the district’s public safety committee took samples and shut down the eatery after a rise in poison cases.