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. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Jordan has registered the first caesarean delivery for a woman infected with coronavirus, Jordan’s News Agency Petra reported.

King Abdullah II called female doctor Laila Al Zoghoul who conducted the caesarean surgery and congratulated her on the success of the operation.

The Jordanian monarch and Queen Rania Al Abdullah also called the woman and congratulated her. The woman and her new-born baby girl are in good health condition.

Laboratory coronavirus tests proved negative for the baby girl, who has been isolated from the mother.

The surgery was conducted at the King Abdullah University Hospital in Irbid, northern Jordan, which has been placed under complete lockdown since Thursday due to the high number of COVID-19 infections.

A video clip showing the doctor while talking over the phone to Jordan’s king and Queen Rania has gone viral on social media platforms.

King Abdullah extended his thanks to medical staff for their relentless efforts to deal with COVID-19 infections.

“laboratory tests for the infant confirmed that she is free of the COVID-19 infection, explaining that studies show that the virus is not transmitted through breastfeeding but through touch and breathing,” Dr. Laila said.

She said that the surgery was conducted after taking the necessary precautions in the presence of all specialised medical teams in the hospital, including anesthesiologists, pediatricians and specialists in internal medicine and infectious diseases as well as anesthesia technicians and nursing staff.

According to a recent study published in The Lancet, a weekly British medical journal, coronavirus does not transmit from a COVID-19-infected mother to her fetus through the placenta during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Two days ago, Jordan registered the first death from Coronavirus. The 83-year-old woman suffered from blood poisoning and other health problems before contracting the virus. She had been transferred from a private hospital to Prince Hamzah Hospital, where she died from the coronavirus, Petra said.

Jordan recorded 11 cases on Saturday, bringing the total number of cases in the Kingdom to 246, Health Minister Saad Jaber said during a press briefing. No updated yet on Sunday.