abuse, assault
Over 70 people assaulted medical staff at a hospital after one of their relative died. Photo for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: More than 70 people assaulted medical staff at Baqaa Hospital after one of their relatives died there, local media reported.

Director general of Prince Hussein Hospital in the Balqa governorate, Dr. Mohammad Al Abed, said that a 36-year-old patient visited the hospital at dawn on Thursday. After the necessary tests were performed for him, his heart stopped and he died.

The Minister of State for Media Affairs Ali Al Ayed said that a nurse was assaulted and was hospitalized for treatment after the rogue attack.

Number of arrests

He added that the security services have arrested a number of aggressors while the rest are being sought after, stressing that the department has returned to normal.

Parents of the deceased young man said that their son did not suffer any diseases and said medical error caused his death.