Benjamin Netanyahu
Image Credit: Jose L. Barros/Gulf News

Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, faces a potent threat to his grip on power as opposition leaders work to put together a coalition government.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Image Credit: Seyyed Llata/Gulf News | Graphic News

Naftali Bennett, head of the small, hard-line nationalist Yamina party, has said he would form a coalition with the centrist opposition leader Yair Lapid.

Bennett and Lapid have until Wednesday to hammer out a deal in which the pair split the premiership — with Bennett serving the first two years and Lapid the following two.

If Lapid and his allies, which range from hard-line nationalists to liberal Zionists and a small Islamist party, can overcome their differences and seal a deal, it would spell the end of Netanyahu's rule, for the time being.