Illustrative image. Image Credit: iStockphoto

Dubai: An entire Egyptian family died in a fire caused by a mobile phone charger’s electrical short circuit.

The devastating incident took place in Giza Governorate, south of Cairo.

Upon being alerted, local security services and civil defence teams quickly subdued the flames engulfing a residential apartment in the Faisal district.

Despite their efforts, a couple and their two children died.

A relative of the family, a young individual who happened to be at the apartment, attempted a desperate escape by jumping from the third floor.

He landed on the floor below, suffering multiple fractures and injuries.

During investigation, authorities discovered that the family had been gearing up for a summer vacation in Alexandria on the morning of the incident.

The laboratory report showed that the fire erupted as a result of an electrical short circuit from a mobile phone charger.

The charger had been left plugged into a power outlet.