The alleged sorcerer identified himself as 'Sheikh Ayman'. Image Credit:

Dubai: An Egyptian sorcerer has been arrested for allegedly having sex with victims to ward off jinns, local media reported.

According to one of the victims, who was raped by the sorcerer, the latter convinced her that some evil spirits were residing inside her body, and he accordingly had sexual intercourse with her, claiming that he was trying to ward off the jinn as part of the treatment plan.

The victim said she got to know the sorcerer identified as 'Sheikh Ayman' after she moved to a new flat where he was responsible for all contractual details.

A while later after he learned of her divorce from her first husband because she was unable to bear children, the sorcerer began to lure her, claiming there was a lover 'jinni' living inside her body.

“Sheikh Ayman gave some oils to rub some areas of my body, and 'holy' water to drink,” the victim said, stressing that she did everything he told her. “One day, he entered my house and suddenly I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I discovered he had had intercourse with me. I confronted him, but he denied. I brought my family, and when confronted again, he agreed to marry me but under customary (Urfi ) marriage.

“Three months following our Urfi marriage, and after I got pregnant, I learned that he was illegally excavating for antiquities as well as practicing charlatanism and sorcery. I asked him for divorce and reported everything to the police."

According to media reports, police raided his flat and arrested him. He was accused of practicing sorcery and sexually exploiting women under the pretext of treating them from the jinn. He was also accused of defrauding people.

Police investigations revealed that the suspect used to pick his victims from social media channels, lure them to his house, have sex with them under the pretext of warding off the jinn.