The bags with reptiles seized at Cairo airport. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: Customs officials at Cairo International Airport made a bizarre discovery last Tuesday when an Egyptian passenger was found to be in possession of 73 snakes hidden in linen bags in his luggage.

The passenger was also found to be carrying two turtles.

Suspicion was aroused when customs officers noticed some strange objects while scanning passenger’s bags.

When questioned about the contents in the bags, the passenger revealed they contained snakes.

On inspection, veterinary and Wildlife Department officials found 73 snakes of which 48 were alive in 11 bags. Additionally, there was another bag that contained two turtles.

The officials said that the passenger did not have any import approvals or documentation for the possession of these reptiles.

Consequently, they were taken to a zoo.

Legal action has been initiated against the passenger for attempting to smuggle the animals into the country without proper documentation and for violation of wildlife regulations.