Can my landlord evict me over a phone call or WhatsApp?
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Cairo: A young Egyptian was killed and two members of his family injured in a brawl with neighbours over a misinterpreted call on the phone in a Delta village, a local newspaper has reported.

The brawl erupted in the village in the Sharqiya governorate, north of Cairo, after a woman, while buying groceries from a local store, heard a man from the victims’ family swearing at another during the call, Al Shoruk added.

The woman thought the insults were aimed at her and informed her family who reacted angrily.

A brawl broke out between both sides, during which a 25-year-old man, named Rami Nabil, was fatally stabbed.

His father and brother were also injured in the violence with the woman’s family, the report said.

Police arrested suspects and an investigation got underway.