The Egyptian doctor who lost her life due to doctor's negligence. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: A 40-year-old Egyptian doctor has died due to medical negligence she was exposed to during a laparoscopic operation on gallbladder, Egyptian media reported.

According to the victim’s mother, her daughter was admitted to a Centre for Endoscopy for a laparoscopic procedure in March. The doctor told her she will leave the clinic a few hours after the operation that cost 16,000 Egyptian pounds (around Dh3,200) which was paid in advance.

“The operation lasted one hour and the doctor left us with a prescription. However, I spent two hours trying to wake my daughter up with the help of two nurses but to no avail. But when she woke up she looked very tired,” the bereaved mother said.

“We went back home but my daughter’s health condition kept on worsening. I contacted her doctor and he requested for an x-ray  said that my daughter was okay, but, while in fact, she was dying,”.

“Her condition had deteriorated hours later and she had to be rushed to a hospital, where she was admitted to the intensive care unit. However, doctors told me it was too late as she had a hole in the duodenum. She died in less than two days after the operation,” the mother said.

She said she filed a case with the public prosecution. Quoting the forensic report, she said that her daughter died as a result of metal clips being left behind in her stomach, which caused liver, intestine and lung failure, that eventually led to failure of the heart muscle and the rest of the body’s organs.