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Dubai: An Egyptian has divorced his wife after she refused to call his brother and invite him for iftar on the first day of Ramadan.

The woman shared her story on Tahia Masr, citing her husband’s inability to maintain privacy in their home and his older brother’s negative influence as the root cause of their separation.

Married for seven years and parents to a boy and two girls, the woman expressed her concerns about her husband’s close relationship with his older brother, who she believes is unjust to women and has a history of marrying and divorcing them quite often. The woman, whose name was not given, feared her husband would adopt his brother’s behaviour and treat her in the same manner.

She also revealed that her husband would consult his brother on every detail of their lives, including financial matters and family visits, making her feeling like their life was an open book. This lack of privacy and her husband’s inability to make decisions without his brother’s input led to mounting frustration.

Tensions escalated when the husband insisted that his brother and his new bride join them for Iftar on the first day of Ramadan. Fed up with her brother-in-law’s constant presence, she requested that they spend the day alone with their children. Her husband disagreed and even tried to force her to invite his brother herself.

In response, the wife refused to listen to ger husband who then asked her immediately leave their home and go to her family house, saying that she’s not a good person and that he will divorce her.

Three weeks later, the woman received the divorce papers, which pushed her to take her case to the family court, seeking custody of her children and the rights she believes she is entitled to.