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Dubai: A 25-year-old Egyptian woman has allegedly killed her ex-husband for planning to remarry, local media reported.

According to police investigation, the woman lured her ex-husband to her residence to have sex with him, undressed him and then repeatedly stabbed him till he died.

The woman confessed that she decided to kill her ex-husband because he divorced her to marry another woman.

The suspect was arrested soon after the crime was discovered and was referred to the public prosecution, which charged her with premediated murder.

There have been fears that there is a spike in domestic violence in the country of over 100 million people, amid economic and social pressure due to COVID-19.

Online harassment

According to Egyptian Minister of Solidarity Nevin Al Kabbaj, more men than women are subject to online harassment and extortion.

Kabbaj said that one in ten people is targeted for an attack, crime, harassment or extortion, adding that 71 per cent of men are exposed to these crimes, compared to 70 per cent of women.

“Human rights have become an important issue jointly guaranteed by governments, civil society and relevant organizations,” Kabbaj said, adding that artificial intelligence technology has invaded private life, whether we like it or not.