About 10% of Egypt's population of more than 110 million is made up of Christians. Image Credit: Omar Shariff/Gulf News

Dubai: A famous Koshary restaurant in Egypt has been shut down after a woman complained that she was not allowed to eat at the restaurant before iftar, local media reported

The Egyptian authorities said they closed a branch of Koshary Al Tahrir restaurant in Egypt, following a complaint from a Christian woman claiming that workers refused to serve food to her and her child before iftar during Ramadan.

Authorities justified the closure of the restaurant saying it committed “violations”, without reference to the incident of the Christian woman.

In this respect, Al Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayyeb said he cherishes the relationship between Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, which stems from a correct understanding of religion.

In remarks to the “Sout (voice of) Al Azhar” magazine, Tayyeb added: “Restricting non-Muslims in their food and drink during the day in Ramadan on the pretext of fasting is an absurdity that does not suit or relate to Islam.”

Tayyeb stressed that “A Muslim who cannot stand seeing his Christian colleague at work eating or drinking, or seeing Christian citizens in restaurants during the day of Ramadan, how can he stand seeing his own kids eating during the day in Ramadan? Or is he restricting his children and forbidding them to eat and drink?!”

“Congratulating Christians on holidays is not out of courtesy or formalities, but rather comes from our understanding of the teachings of our true religion, and the relationship between Muslims and Christians is a true embodiment of unity and brotherhood, and that this brotherhood will always remain the solid bond that strengthens the country against difficulties and challenges.”