Police line
Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: A 26-year-old Egyptian woman was beheaded by her husband in a small village of Tira, in the governorate of Dahlia, north of Egypt.

According to reports from Egyptian and pan-Arab media, Hamada Al Agouz sent photos of his wife’s head to her family and shot a live broadcast on Facebook, calling on national media to hear the details of his story.

“Once the live broadcast started, villagers in Tira alerted police about the crime”, director of security in the governorate of Dakahlia, General Marwan Habib, was quoted as saying by Egyptian media. Following the complaint, the Egyptian police arrived at the crime scene, where they found the suspect sitting next to the decapitated body of his wife, just as he spoke live on his Facebook page.

The police team raided the apartment where Al Agouz refused to surrender himself and threatened to kill his three daughters.

He was later arrested by the police. Preliminary investigations revealed that the couple had been married for about nine years. Due to their continuous disputes, the couple separated two years ago. Two weeks before the gruesome crime, the victim reconciled with her husband and returned home.