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Dubai: A so-called doctor has been arrested in Egypt for allegedly practising paediatrics and gastroenterology for 12 years using forged documents, local media reported.

The 46-year-old suspect, Abdul Tawwab El Tahawy, opened two clinics in the villages of Sanhour and Vidimin in Faiyum governorate, southeast of Cairo.

He specialised in paediatrics, internal medicine, gastroenterology and liver diseases, after allegedly obtaining a licence using a forged university medical certificate.

Upon investigating, the defendant denied the charges and claimed that he graduated with a medical degree from Ain Shams University in Cairo.

However, the university which he claimed to have graduated from denied he ever studied there. The Egyptian Medical Syndicate also confirmed that he was not a member.

His alleged fake identity was exposed by chance as he prescribed incorrect treatment for coronavirus patients. Investigations revealed that complaints were received from laboratories about errors in the doctor’s prescriptions and medical abbreviations and terms.

Investigations showed the suspect only holds a high school certificate as he stopped his medical studies after three years.