Image Credit: Social Media

Dubai – The residents of Maryoteya district in Cairo woke up today (Tuesday) to a horrific news, three mutilated bodies of children were found on the street, wrapped in garbage bags. 

The outraged residents, who alerted the police, told media that the children were slaughtered and that some body parts were missing. 

Online news website ‘Masri Youm’ interviewed a security source in Giza directorate who confirmed the news: “The three bodies of children were found near an abandoned villa wrapped in black garbage bags”.

The security source, however, denied reports that the “bodies had stab wounds or mutilated nor body parts missing.”

From the state of the bodies, which were in an advance stage of decay, the police can confirm that the killings happened few days ago in a different area and were dumped.

Police are currently working on extracting  CCTV footage from the surrounding buildings in the hope of identifying the car or people who have dumped the bodies, also they are looking at missing children reports.

People have taken to social media to vent their anger and shock.