This elderly Lebanese woman is seen enjoying herself at a protest. Image Credit: Credit: IG: @blancheeid

Dubai: As Lebanese protesters tackle the country’s serious problems including unemployment, rising taxes and crippling debt, many citizens are, in typical Lebanese fashion, making time for some fun.

Lebanon has long earned a reputation as a fun-loving country, with youngsters from all over the world visiting its renowned party scene.

Despite the security crackdown, tear gas, and scuffles with police, many people have been seen dancing, barbequing and even sunbathing.

The following are some videos and images that have been widely shared on social media:

Baby Shark protesters

This little boy looks shell-shocked as he is confronted by a giddy crowd of protesters singing to him 'Baby Shark'.

His expression is just priceless!

Dabke protesters

These Lebanese from the area of Metn are seen partaking in the traditional Levante Dabke, a line dance which involves repeated footwork whilst holding hands.

Lebanese are known to love their dabke, which is a staple of any wedding, party or celebration. 

DJ rocks Tripoli protesters

A protest in Lebanon's northern city of Tripoli turns quickly into a nightclub with a DJ performing for them on a nearby balcony.

Even if you are not political, it would be hard not to want to join in this fun protest.

Birthday party

What do you do if its your birthday but you still want to attend the protests?

These people brought the party and the cake with them. 

Now, blow out the candles and get back to business!

Studying protesters

Got an exam on Monday? Well that is no reason not to attend the protests.

This medical student has perfected the art of multi-tasking. 

Good luck on your exam buddy!

Celebrating love

These protesters do not let a little fire and tear gas get in the way of their love.

Celebrating an anniversary or looking to meet someone? Head down to the protests. You never know when cupid will strike.


Want a perfect shot for instagram? This protester has decided it was the perfect place for photoshoot.

The flames really bring out the colour of her eyes, don't you think?

Recreational activities

Here you see protesters smoking shisha, barbequing, playing cards and sunbathing.

Creative signs

Lebanese are known for their sarcasm and wit. These are some of my favourite signs that I have spotted so far:

I found this sign from 2015, but it still relates to current protests.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan you will get the joke.

And last but not least. "Ikea has better cabinets"

Its time to head down to IKEA and see if they have a sale!