Flags flutter outside
Flags flutter outside the venue of a preparatory meeting between Arab foreign ministers. Image Credit: Reuters

Cairo: Arab foreign ministers are due to hold an emergency meeting in Cairo on February 8 to support Palestinian rights, according to an Arab League official. The meeting comes at the request of Egypt and Jordan, assistant Arab League head Hossam Zaki said.

'The meeting will be attended in person at the Arab League headquarters,' he told Egypt’s official Middle East News Agency.

'The meeting aims at crystallizing a collective Arab stance towards developments in the region, which require a stance ensuring protection of Arab security, serving common Arab interests, strengthening Arab solidarity and re-emphasizing fixed principles related to the Palestinian cause,' Zaki added.

The gathering will be held less than a month after the administration of US President Joe Biden took office and amid efforts to restart long-stalled negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis.