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The islands of the Caribbean have long been regarded for their incredible beaches, clear blue water and the picture-perfect palm groves. We’ve seen the movies and television programmes set there and as a result, many of us have dreamt of sailing around the islands and taking in the sights for an Instagram-perfect holiday, or perhaps even receiving a windfall of money and seeing out our days on one of its many idyllic locations.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is situated in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean along with Grenada and the Grenadines. As a small island with a population of under 80,000, it makes up for its size with its family-friendly and welcoming culture. Not to mention the weather, as average temperatures vary very little between summer and winter, with 27 in June and 25 degrees in January.

While Dominica possesses all of the beaches, mountains, hot springs and natural beauty that one would expect in this part of the world, Dominica has recently released the details of its 2020 Citizenship by Investment programme.

Tune into an insightful webinar on Dominica’ Citizenship by Investment programme, brought to you by Gulf News and CS Global Partners, on August 31 where we speak to the Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, and the Head of the Citizenship by Investment Unit, Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan, to learn more about the new regulations.

Dominica’s Citizen by Investment (CBI) programme has been running since 1993 and has received several accolades since its inception. In 2016 it won the Best Caribbean Citizenship Programme at the Global Citizen Awards and in 2019 the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management magazine rated Dominica’s CBI as the best in the world, compared to 11 other fully developed economic citizenship programmes, for the third consecutive year.

The recent changes now give you a greater chance of establishing a permanent home in this tropical family-friendly location with your extended family.

Join us on Monday, August 31 at 4pm to find out more about the expanding scope for family reunification under the new regulations.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

 What are the key features that entice families to live and work in Dominica?

 What are the benefits of relocation to Dominica for large families from the UAE and the region?

 How do the new changes to regulations impact the way an applicant can include a family member?

 What are the ambitions for the relationship between the Dominica and the UAE?

 To what degree is the Dominican Government committed to the CBI programme?

Reserve your place in this exclusive webinar now, to give you and your family an opportunity with Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment programme.