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Finland’s Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion has been named Snow Cape, or Lumi in Finnish, which means snow. The simple yet refined Finnish design reflects the fascinating tradition of Finnish architecture. Inspired by the white blanket of snow covering the Finnish landscape from autumn until spring, the Finland pavilion resembles a white, snow-covered Arabic tent, bringing together our country’s icy landscapes with the culture of Expo 2020 Dubai’s host nation.

Design inspiration

Award-winning Finnish JKMM Architects created the architectural design of Snow Cape, and Expomobilia (Switzerland) has constructed the pavilion. JKMM Architects, also the architect of Finland’s pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, has designed a simple yet functional structure, ensuring accessibility, openness and simple people flow remain at the core of the architectural concept.

Image Credit: Supplied

Finnish components and materials play an essential role in the design of the Snow Cape pavilion. Soft and light façade fabric provides contrast against the hard, brushed concrete of the entrance deck. The deck, spanning the pavilion’s height, will be a cool, intermediate space to prepare visitors for a focused exhibition visit.

Hard, granite flooring will lead visitors into the heart of the pavilion, where they will find the central Gorge, in which the warmth of the gently curved wooden surface will embrace them.

The Central Gorge

Intending to replicate the natural gorges found across Finland’s natural habitat, the pavilion’s Gorge offers a serene, natural space in contrast to the bustling Expo 2020 Dubai environment. It provides a shaded retreat for visitors looking to reconnect with the peaceful sounds of nature. Step inside the Gorge and feel Finland with all of your senses; take a deep breath and smell the fresh scent of wood. Bask in the natural light from above and enjoy the silence of the wooden refuge.

A journey through Finnish happiness

The meaning of Finnish happiness runs deeper than just pure joy. It is built upon trust and safety, a stable society, education and functionality. It is made possible by innovations in industry and society. Happiness is contentment and confidence in the future.

The Finnish exhibition will share an in-depth story of Finland, providing visitors with experiences and information to showcase the foundations upon which Finland’s happiness is built. This will include continuous development and innovation, sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions and extensive international cooperation.

Under the central theme of ‘Sharing Future Happiness’ and sub-themes of circular economy, sustainability and innovation, our Snow Cape pavilion will present the pillars of Finnish happiness by highlighting the symbiosis of people, pure nature and technology. Visitors will be taken on a journey through Finland’s key strengths: education and know-how, functionality and well-being, and nature and sustainability.

The Snow Cape pavilion will serve as a unique platform for business and cultural connections between the UAE and Finland. Over the course of six months, the pavilion will host events by partner companies and industry leaders. Several thematic days, VIP events and special celebrations, such as Finland’s National Day and Christmas with Santa Claus all the way from Lapland, will take place. In addition, we will be working with other Nordic pavilions to promote the international conversation surrounding circular economy solutions.

Finland, in collaboration with over 100 Finnish companies, will participate in Expo 2020 Dubai. Finland is one of the leading countries in terms of innovation and technology know-how. The Finnish pavilion presents globally leading clean technologies, a circular economy with sustainable use of resources, sustainable energy and digital solutions, mobile communications, machinery, education, health and well-being, travel and Finnish design.