Image Credit: Screen grab

Dubai: In a shocking video that surfaced online, an escalator in a Rome metro station collapsed on Tuesday, sending almost everyone on it hurtling to the ground. The video has around 24 million views and was a top trend on social media.

According to a CNN report, 24 people were injured and a man almost lost his foot. According to Italy’s fire brigade, Russian football fans were on their way to a Champions League match, when this accident took place at a metro station.

In the video, the escalator is seen moving at a tremendous speed, downward, leaving many people crushed at the bottom. Some people jumped off the belt and tried to move to the other escalator to avoid getting injured, while others gripped the railing for support. Bystanders are also seen trying to help get those injured out of the way, as people ploughed into each other at full speed. People can be heard screaming towards the end of the clip.

CNN reported: “One hospital, Policlinico Umberto I, located in Rome’s San Lorenzo district, said a 33-year-old patient had a ‘complex trauma with a disassembled and exposed fracture of the lower right limb and fracture of the nose’.”

This accident has put pressure on authorities to conduct citywide maintenance tests to ensure that such an accident does not happen again.

On social media, people have shared videos and pictures of the accident and users are calling the footage “distressing” and “horrifying”. Some even said it looked like a scene from a movie.

Tweep @nanerica68 said: “... It’s pretty distressing. Obviously I hope everyone’s ok but I didn’t want to necessarily see that...”

While @WillPeace_98 said: “As an engineer, that is appalling design. Should have been designed as fail-safe (make sure it stops) if there is a fault.”

And @supergirlycgh said: “I have a major phobia of escalators and seeing this confirms my very worst fears about them. I really hope that everyone involved will get the best care…”

Some people even criticised the person taking the video for not helping those hurt, and called the act insensitive.

@MattHall0909 posted: “Typical world we live in, half the people are more concerned with getting their mobiles out and filming rather than trying to help the injured.”

Other photos which surfaced online show the bottom of the escalator completely destroyed, with its plates broken and out of place.