Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Artist Kaya Mar holds up a coronavirus themed painting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Westminster in London, Monday, March 16, 2020. Image Credit: AP

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the government has announced the most far-reaching measures the population has experienced in peacetime to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Earlier, he announced people will need to stop non-essential social contact and avoid clubs, pubs, theaters and all unnecessary travel as the outbreak accelerates.

"Clearly what we are announcing today is a very substantial change in the way that we want people to live their lives and I can't remember anything like it in my life time, I don't think there has really been anything like it in peacetime," Johnson said at a press conference.

"We have to accept it is a very considerable psychological, behavioral change that we are asking the public, the nation to do."

UK coronavirus death toll rises to 53, health minister says

The death toll from the coronavirus rose to 53, Health Secretary Matt Hancock told parliament on Monday.