Tehran: The Kremlin has no information that Russian President Vladimir Putin will change his plans to visit Tehran later on Monday, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday, after a report of a plot to assassinate Putin in Iran.

"According to the schedule, the president is arriving tonight," Peskov told reporters in Tehran. "We have no information that he is changing his plans."

Russia's Interfax news agency, citing an unnamed source in Russia's special services, reported on Sunday that suicide bombers were preparing to kill or capture Putin on a visit to Tehran this week.

Iran's Foreign Ministry has dismissed as baseless reports of a possible plan to kill Putin, branding the allegation as "pyschological warfare" calculated by Tehran's enemies -- an apparent reference to Western powers -- to undermine Russian-Iranian relations.

"(These) kinds of false news are not going to have any kind of effect on the plans that we have for the visit," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said.

"All the heads of the countries around the Caspian will be coming to Iran, and Mr Putin will also be arriving this evening," he told a news conference that was broadcast by Iran's English-language Press TV channel.

The Kremlin said on Sunday that Putin had been warned by his special services of the possible assassination plot.

Putin's trip to Tehran was expected to be watched closely by Western capitals pushing Moscow for a harder line over an Iranian nuclear programme they fear masks a drive for an atomic bomb.