Abu Dhabi Motors elaborates on the exclusive Grand Klasse (GKL).

What is the BMW Grand Klasse (GKL) all about, why is it considered a revolution in automotive concepts?

The group of vehicles including the 7 Series, 8 Series, and X7 models deliver excellence as a starting point. These vehicles push the boundaries when it comes to what is considered possible in the luxury space. From exteriors and interiors, through to the technological advancements we have seen over the different iterations of these models, they have always placed them at the forefront of the industry – and been incredibly popular in the UAE.

For lovers of the iconic 7 Series, how are the new 7 and i7 from GKL unique?

With the 7 Series and the i7, BMW is leading the market into a new era shaped by innovation in sustainability and digitization. The latest models offer enhanced luxury, unsurpassed comfort, and a top-end digital experience for the discerning driver. With a striker exterior featuring an iconic front-end design, to the flowing lines of the side view, these striking models leave a lasting impression. Interiors create an incredible ambience, fused with stunning hand-crafted materials and high-end technology for the ultimate driving experience. In the all-electric i7 we have a vehicle packed with some of the most advanced technological features ever fitted to a BMW – this really is a car for the future, today.

Does the new 8 Series from BMW GKL denote just more luxury or is there new engineering under the hood?

The 8 Series offers an incredible mix of luxury and sporty experience. The striking design from the front-end kidney, to the exclusive paintwork, and M aerodynamic exude high-end performance, and this is mirrored inside with the consistency of the luxurious comfort blended with an exciting ride. The performance delivery is on another level, offering top form dynamics from the drivetrain and chassis technologies, and with models delivering up to 530bhp this is a range which delivers a exhilarating feel at every turn.

Please share any message that you may have for UAE BMW fans on the new GKL series

We know BMW customers in the UAE are incredibly passionate about our luxury marques, and we are dedicated to providing them with an unparalleled service. The new range of 7 Series, 8 Series and X7 reflect to commitment we have to our customers to continually evolve and develop, enhancing their driving experience even further.