Picture for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

It’s almost odd not to find a bottle of hand sanitiser in someone’s bag or on their table now, amid the coronavirus crisis. But there are some who are trying to get their hands on it any way possible, even if that means stealing it.

Videos from around the world of people stealing sanitiser from public areas like offices, ATM machines and even hospitals have gone viral.

User @IshitaBhatiaTOI shared a video of a man caught on camera pocketing a bottle at an ATM machine: “At a time when masks and sanitisers have become crucial commodities, man caught on camera while stealing a sanitiser from an ATM.”

Tweep @nailainayat shared a similar video and wrote: “When you think no one is watching you…”

The Northampton General Hospital, @NGHnhstrust, from the UK tweeted: “Our friends at @NorthantsPolice would love to have a chat with the gentleman below who stole sanitiser straight off our wall outside Quinton ward. If you recognise him, contact Northamptonshire Police 101 and quote incident number 20000138273. Please don't steal from us.

To which, tweep @ByDanSales replied: “Absolutely disgraceful, stealing hand sanitiser off the hospital wall.”

User @MrsJellySantos from the US wrote: “People are not only stealing the masks and gloves. They are now stealing gowns. They are emptying out the hand sanitizer dispensers, and I’m sure the wipes are not safe as well. Toilet paper going missing even more. It’s disappointing to hear.”

User @MonicaL_Nation tweeted urging people to use such items responsibly: “Healthcare workers need a lot of masks, gowns and hand sanitiser, so stop stealing them and using them unnecessarily!”

Tweep @tayfay03 had a proactive approach to the issue and shared a way to possibly get your sanitiser from getting stolen at work: “When people at your office are literally stealing hand sanitiser off people’s desks.”