#TicTacToe  challenge
Pets play #TicTacToe challenge Image Credit: Twitter

The #TicTacToe challenge is the latest trend that not only people are following but are getting their pets involved too to spend time at home.

People are spending a lot more time at home thanks to lockdowns all around the world and it is resulting in a number of creative ways people are making use of it.

The latest challenge that started on TikTok involves people playing the classic game ‘tic tac toe’ with their pets.

Since most pets lack the opposable thumbs needed to play the game with a pen and paper, they are coming up with unique and quirky ways of involving them.

Some draw on their behalf, while others are using treats to persuade their pets to pick their chosen spot and the videos have been quite amusing.

So far clips of the game being been played with cats, dogs, birds, fish and even tortoises have circulated the internet.

Tweep @Rbryson38730598 shared a clip and wrote: “#ImSoBoredI played tic tac toe with my fish. He won.”

Twitter user @schmidtmaSW posted a video of playing the game with her feline friends: “Yes #tictactoe can be played with cats (with their favourite treats). Please enjoy their game during your quarantine.”

User @Katie_Fleming shared how she has been playing it with her bright green parrot: “Jasper saw all those cat quarantine tic tac toe videos going around and wanted to give it a go! Not only did he win, but he cheated! Such a smart birdie.”

And tweep @iamjaxpup posted a picture of his dog thinking about the next move: “Contemplating my next move. #tictactoe #StayHome.”

Similarly, Twitter user @MissAbbott_NCS also shared a video of her and her dog giving the challenge a go: “We wanted to join in on Game Day…”

Will you be trying it out with your pets?