Protests in Hong Kong. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: The UAE Consulate in Hong Kong has issued a travel advisory to passengers visiting the Special Administrative Region of China as riot police continue to clash with violent protesters.

“The Consulate of the UAE in Hong Kong advises citizens to take precautions and avoid places near government and private buildings during weekends. Please follow the news and instructions of local authorities, and do not wear white and black clothes,” said the UAE mission.

In the event of an emergency, citizens can contact UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on 800-444-44 or contact the UAE Consulate directly on +852-2866-1823.

Travellers were also advised to register themselves and their families with the Twajudi service, offered by the ministry.

White and black clothes have been the colour of choice for protesters. As most recently as last week, a large gang of men in white shirts were caught on cameras as they brutally beat dozens of people inside a train.

During the last month and a half, Hong Kong has been the stage for demonstrations that began as a protest against a contentious extradition bill that, according to lawyers and human rights activists, would allow the extradition to mainland China of fugitives accused of certain crimes.