KABUL: Two suicide blasts claimed Daesh ripped through Kabul on Monday and killed at least 25 people, including AFP’s chief photographer Shah Marai and five other journalists.

They are the latest in a string of deadly attacks claimed by the IS or the Taliban in the war-weary Afghan capital since the start of 2018:


January 4: a suicide attacker blows himself up near a crowd of police and protesters, killing at least 13 people — all police — and wounding 25. Daesh claims responsibility.

January 20: Taliban gunmen storm the Intercontinental Hotel, opening fire on guests and staff and taking dozens hostage.

After an hours-long overnight siege, the official death toll in the attack at the luxury hotel is put at 25. Other sources put the death toll at more than 40, of whom 15 are foreigners.

January 27: An explosives-packed ambulance blows up in a crowded street where several high-profile organisations including the European Union have offices, killing more than 100 people and wounding hundreds more. The attack is claimed by the Taliban.

January 29: At least 11 soldiers are killed in a predawn attack on a military compound which is claimed by Daesh.


March 9: a suicide bomber on foot blows himself up in a Shiite area, killing at least nine people and wounding 18.

The attack, claimed Daesh, takes place near a gathering to mark the 23rd anniversary of the death of Abdul Ali Mazari — a prominent former leader of the mainly Shiite Hazara ethnic community who was killed by the Taliban.

March 21: More than 30 people, mostly teenagers, are killed when a suicide bomber on foot blows himself up as Afghans celebrate the Persian New Year holiday. Daesh claims the attack that wounds another 70 people.


April 22: A Daesh bomber kills 60 people including women and children and wounds 129, all civilians, outside a voter registration centre amid preparations for legislative elections in October.

April 30: At least 25 people are killed, including AFP chief photographer Shah Marai and five other journalists, when two suicide blasts rip through Kabul in an attack claimed by Daesh.