Boracay shut down
Boracay. Image Credit: Reuters

Manila: A Taiwanese tourist was given a citation ticket by police in Boracay, Aklan in Central Philippines for wearing a beach outfit showing way too much skin.

The woman, whom reports did not identify by name, was made to pay P2,500 (Dh117) for wearing a “microkini” while frolicking at the beachfront on Thursday. Various photos of her walking hand in hand with a man who appeared to be a compatriot were posted on Facebook.

Major Jess Baylon of the Malay police station, which has jurisdiction over the area, said they invited the woman for questioning after photos of her in the skimpy attire went viral.

“We called up the management of the hotel where she was staying and invited her to the police station,” Baylon was quoted by the Panay News on Friday.

According to Baylon, the Taiwanese woman was possibly a model.

Incidentally, Taiwanese were celebrating the “Double 10” in Taiwan, a public holiday in the Republic of China, when the incident took place on Thursday.

According to the police officer, it could be possible that the woman was a model in Taiwan and that wearing the attire was her expression of going on a holiday.

“It was not really a scandal. But, we have to go by our conservative culture and wearing that attire is unacceptable,” he said.

Although Boracay was once known was a place where people, especially foreigners, could untie their upper bikini straps and lie face down on the beach while sunbathing, the resort island had been a little strict on public decency rules especially under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte who had even banned public parties on the island’s white sand beaches.