Reham Khan (left) bashes Hamza Ali Abbasi for tweeting against her Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: Once again, Pakistan’s Reham Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi have become social media’s trending topic, and yes – Imran Khan is involved.

What some are describing as a ‘Twitter war’ started when Hamza Ali Abbasi, an actor and supporter of Reham Khan’s ex-husband Imran Khan’s supporter, tweeted: “Had a very unfortunate experience of reading a manuscript of Reham Khan’s book and here is the summary: Imran Khan is the most evil man to walk the face of this planet while Reham is the most pious, righteous (Tahajjud guzaar) woman ever and Shehbaz Sharif is an amazing guy!”

Khan was quick to reply: “Hamza Abbasi claims he has read manuscript when it’s not been published? Only possible through fraud or theft.”

While Abbasi chose to be silent following her tweet, Khan further fueled the controversy by tweeting: “Hamza has been emailing me threats since August 2017. Bullies trying to silence me.”

But, most on Twitter, did not seem to agree with Reham Khan’s allegations.

Furthermore, several people including Pakistan political party — PTI’s leaders [Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf] have insinuated that she is part of an “agenda” to impact the upcoming general elections.

Tweep @AdilGhumro said: “Reham Khan is launching her book just two weeks before elections and it’s crystal clear now she’s working for PMLN [Pakistan Muslim Leaague (N)]to defame Imran Khan and the sole purpose of her book is to reduce IK’s growing popularity, mudslinging & dragging personal life is N-League’s are their old tactics.”

Some accused Khan of releasing the book for merely money-making purposes. @Uzmamalik5 posted: “Tried to make it big by working for BBC couldn’t get beyond being a weather girl. Tried to become the first lady of Pakistan through deception, failed miserably. Now selling her nine months of married life to Imran Khan, will fail again.”

However several PMLN leaders have denied any connections with Reham Khan.

Amidst all the brickbats that she is receiving, there are those who appreciate her candidness. @mahwashajaz_ tweeted: “Say whatever you want about Reham Khan, the woman is brave as heck. She stands against all the hate, all the vitriol & refuses to back down. She could have been a great asset to PTI. What a shame that Khan Sab couldn’t appreciate her value to PTI.”


With thousands of tweets still rolling in, the controversial discussion continues.