Pakistani socialite @friehaaltaf
Pakistani socialite @friehaaltaf shared the picture on Instagram Image Credit: @friehaaltaf/Instagram

  • Pakistani Twitter users discuss Aliya Zaidi's “Ambani wedding” theme party in Karachi 
  • Pakistani socialites posted pictures on social media

Dubai: Pakistani socialite Aliya Zaidi threw an “Ambani wedding” theme party in Karachi and social media users are furious.

A former model and Hong Kong based socialite Zaidi has a reputation for lavish but quirky themed parties held in the commercial capital of Pakistan. Previously she has chosen Austin Powers and 1960s cabaret as a focal point.

This year it was the wedding hosted by the richest man in Asia, Mukesh Ambani, of his daughter Isha with industrialist Anand Piramal. The celebrations were held in several places including Italy and India at a cost of nearly $100million.

Apparently, Zaidi had meant to host the party in a light vein but ended up offending social media users with what they thought was an ostentatious display, especially as Pakistan is struggling with a current account deficit of $18billion and millions live below the poverty line.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan continually reiterates the need for austerity measures to help push the country forward.

Photos from the party were posted on social media by other well-known Pakistani socialities including Frieha Altaf.

Tweep @mahwashajaz_ posted: “As if a big fat Ambani wedding was not terrible enough, Pakistanis threw an Ambani themed party. South Asians and their obsession with weddings is going to become the end of us.”

Social media user @zeinatoricazad tweeted: “...emulating the absurdly wealthy has always been nauseatingly fashionable.”

Other Twitter users such as tweep @ZeeaHasanTalib found the display of wealth unnecessary and wrote: “We are copy cats and lack empathy! Millions of crucial issues need our time and resources.”

But, there were those that took offence for a completely different reason - poor fashion sense.

@sanarites posted: “I am not a fan of Ambani wedding parties but at least everyone there was nicely dressed. What makes this Ambani wedding themed party more absurd is that despite being from the fashion/media fraternity almost everyone was horribly dressed. RIP Fashion.”

Some social media users found it to be good humoured fun since many of the party props included a ‘$20 million elephant’ and ‘26 Karat Gold wall’ made of glitter, which referenced the extravagance of the original wedding.

Tweep @IssamAhmed said: “Sounds like it was self-aware fun?”

Facebook user Imtiaz Ahmad posted: “It is their money and they have the right to enjoy it their way. Do not understand why people are furious.”