Islamabad: Pakistan on Monday strongly condemned a US drone attack the previous day in its North Waziristan tribal are near the Afghan border, reiterating Islamabad’s demand for an end to violation of its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Media reports said five people were killed when a drone sent missiles crashing into a compound in the tribal area, which has been a regular target of drone strikes on suspected militants.

“The Government of Pakistan strongly condemns the US drone attack that occurred in North Waziristan on 14 April,” said a statement issued by the foreign affairs ministry.

It said such unilateral attacks “are in contravention of International Law and counterproductive to the stability of this country.”

The statement said: “The Government of Pakistan has maintained its position that drone strikes are violative of its territorial integrity and sovereignty. Such attacks also set dangerous precedents in the inter-state relations.

“The Government of Pakistan calls upon the US Government to stop such attacks, based on mutual respect and established international norms.”