Dua Mangi
Dua Mangi was kidnapped on Saturday in Karachi Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Police stated that the men who kidnapped a girl in Karachi this week and shot at her friend used a stolen car and a man she met abroad might have been involved.

The victim, 22-year-old Dua Mangi, was snatched by men in a car from a street in Defence Housing Authority on Saturday evening.

She and her friend had been walking by the side of the road when a car containing four men stopped and kidnapped her.

Meanwhile, they shot at her friend, identified as Haris Soomro, who was trying to stop them. According to police, he was shot in the neck and the bullet ended up penetrating his chest.

Soomro was initially taken to a local hospital but was later transferred to Agha Khan Hospital. He is currently recovering from his injuries.

Police officers arrived at the crime scene and launched an investigation.

The latest update in the case according to police is that a man whom she met in the US could be involved in her kidnapping, according to a report by The News.

The police investigators recorded the statements of some 22 witnesses, family members and friends, according to the report.

Local news outlets reported that police are looking into the alleged threats from a man she had recieved whom she met in the US while studying there and that the person had allegedly been building pressure on her to marry him.

According to sources, Mangi's father told the police that 10 days ago his daughter had a fight with a man named Muzafar and a few days later she was abducted.

Stolen car

The perpetrators are suspected to have used a car that was snatched from P.E.C.H.S. area in Karachi last week, according to a report by Geo TV.

In a separate report, Geo TV has also stated that two students have been arrested in the case, however, their link to the incident is unclear.