Image Credit: @murtazawahab1/Twitter

Dubai: Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari claimed that the state of Sindh, Pakistan has 50 functional dams and people can’t stop trolling her.

The daughter of former Prime Ministers of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari and Benazir Bhutto, was under fire for her tweet, posted on Thursday.

Sharing an article by Pakistan Today, an English-language daily, using her handle @BakhtawarBZ, she wrote: “‘We can proudly show to the world that 50 small dams, bunds and weirs have been completed in the province whereas 31 dams of similar size and nature are in process of construction’ #Sindh #Water #MuchMoreToDo #ButWeHaveBeenOnIt.”

Soon after, social media users replied with sceptical responses.

Twitter user, @Azsafvi, asked: “Would you like to give the dates when these were constructed and when they became operational? What amount of electricity are they adding to the national grid? Until this information is known, claim cannot be verified. KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) claim has been verified.”

Similarly, Tweep Juman Jamro, @JamroJuman, demanded more details: “Very good joke. 50 dams have been completed in Sindh ... it may be 50 sewerage water storages around every city of Sindh which are more than 50. If it’s true, give details of 50 dams.”

Consequently, fellow PPP supporter and former member of the Senate of Pakistan, @murtazawahab1, tweeted pictures of dams in support of Bakhtawar’s post as well as made bigger claims: “Some of the small dams built in Sindh by PPP government. Good initiative of 60 dams already built and operational, 21 in process. InshaAllah we will have 122 small dams in the next few years. Well done Sindh government and PPP.”

His post received a retweet from Bakhtawar and she wrote: “Dams built across #Sindh #PPP.”

However, a large number of people concerned about Bakhtawar’s claims criticised the size of the dams.

Journalist Javeria Siddique, @javerias, tweeted pictures comparing larger dams built across the world and the size of the ones present in Pakistan: “World VS PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party).”

Nevertheless, the initial report published by the newspaper categorised the Sindh based structures as “small dams”.

Water scarcity in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan that happens to be in Sindh as well, was another concern netizens raised.

Twitter user @ChalakMeghan replied to Bakhtawar’s post and asked: “Yet Karachi doesn’t have a drop of water and people are forced to buy it. Where did you build the dams, in Bhutto shrines???”

On the same sentiment, Tweep Maryam Khan, @MarKhan22, wrote: “Why Karachi doesn’t have water then?”