Pranjal Srivastava who made thermoelectric stove generator in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Image Credit: ANI

Lucknow: A High School student here has invented a device that can cook food and charge a mobile phone at the same time. Pranjal Srivastava who made this device named it as "thermoelectric stove generator".

His research has received the first prize at the Standard National Inspire Awards as well as the Student Innovation Competition in the Philippines.

Speaking to ANI, Pranjal who is a student of GD Goenka School in Lucknow said, "This is thermoelectric stove generator. It can convert waste heat into electrical energy. The energy produced is stored in a supercapacitor. There is a USB port from which one could harness the power generated."

"Remarkably the total cost of building the stove is Rs 400. It took me six months to build the entire model and two years more to test it on all the safety measures. It can be used simultaneously for cooking food and charging your mobile phone," he said.

On being asked from where did he get inspiration to build this device, Pranjal said, "I have a background of the village. I noticed there that people use kerosene lamp when there is a power cut. During the cooking process, there is extra heat generated which is usually wasted. This device will tap that waste energy and convert it into electrical energy."

Pranjal's mother Neema said, "He is very good in studies. It is a moment of pride for us. We feel very happy for him."

Chairman GD Goenka School, Sarvesh Goyal said, Our students will be influenced by this success of Pranjal's model. We feel very proud.