RDS_181211 State elections stop spreading hate
Hyderabad: Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Party workers celebrate after the initial trends show the party leading in the states Assembly elections, at Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad, Tuesday, Dec.11, 2018. Image Credit: (PTI

Dubai: As key states in India went to the polls, the top trends on social media were all related to the results that started trickling in from the morning.

With Congress giving a tough fight in previously BJP-governed states, social media commented on how the ‘politics of hate’ was not gaining traction with the average voter.

Tweep @BhoiMiya reacted to the early results, tweeting: “Today’s message from people of India to the politicians of India: 1) Stop hate, it won’t help! 2) Perform, even if you are corrupt 3) Don’t just work hard but also work smart.”

Another Twitter user @Boy_Nextdr commented on how the recent trip by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to Telangana did not have the desired effect. Adityanath had recommended changing the names in the state of certain cities like Hyderabad and Karimnagar like he has done in his state.

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Tweep @Boy_Nextdr wrote: “#YogiAdityanath Hope you realised by now that communal politics does not work in Telangana as it works in your state ... Stop your name change game which is of no use. We are more secular here.”

Another Twitter user @Tyron1209 shared a similar sentiment: “We need to move away from this religious and caste polarisation politics. Political parties need to focus on creating job and development opportunities for the people …”

Another Tweep, @dhume, felt the results were an indication of what one could expect in the general elections scheduled for next year: “Just watched a BJP spokesperson claim with a straight face that these state elections will have absolutely NO bearing on the 2019 national elections. Is there a special school where they’re taught to come up with such priceless answers? #AssemblyElection2018”

Twitter user @EdgeddAndTaken had a more humorous analysis of the early results: “Today’s results are a grim reminder that at the end of the day, cows don’t have voting rights. #Elections2018”