Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an election rally
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an election rally, ahead of Lok Sabha polls, at Chitradurga, Tuesday, April 09, 2019. Image Credit: PTI

Dubai: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being called out again on Twitter. Just a day after his ‘cloud cover’ remark, while discussing the Balakot air strike went viral, a fresh clip from the same interview emerged. The second viral clip from his recent interview with News Nation shows Modi claiming that he was one of the first people in India to use a digital camera in 1988 – purportedly to click a coloured photograph of Bharatiya Janata Party veteran leader LK Advani.

PM Modi also claimed that he was one of the early adopters of the electronic mail (email), back in 1988 and the stylus pen on a screen in the 1990s.

Many Twitter users, including politicians, journalists, economists and social commentators took to Twitter to comment on Modi's claims.

Tweep @ImAfrozz wrote: “Narendra Modi Lies: I had a digital camera in And I took a colour photo,which in 1988 and transmitted it by email. (First digital camera was sold by Nikon in 1987, I sent by email in 1987-88 Fact: Email came to India in 1995. #DeshModiKeSaath”

While most people mocked Modi for not think his comments through, some used #CloudyModi and said that it was typical of Modi to peddle lies. From his lack of keeping promises to his absurd comments, people shared the infamous “modi-isms”.

We take a look at the most popular ones:

Climate change

On September 5, 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was met with sharp criticism for his comments on climate change during a video conference session with school children across the country.

When a student from Assam raised concerns about climate change and asked Modi on steps to protect the environment, he said, “Climate has not changed. We have changed. Our habits have changed. Our habits have got spoiled. Due to that, we have destroyed our entire environment.”

Modi further added that the elders often complain that it is colder than the previous year and that it is due to their age and tolerance level that they actually feel cold.

Plastic surgeries

In October 2014 the Indian prime minister claimed that cosmetic surgery and reproductive genetics were practiced thousands of years ago in India. As proof, he gave the examples of the warrior Karna from the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata and of the elephant-headed Hindu diety Ganesha.

Addressing a gathering of doctors and other professionals at a hospital in Mumba, Modi said: “We can feel proud of what our country achieved in medical science at one point of time.”

Fuel from sewers

In August 2018, social media exploded when the prime minister described how he saw a tea seller used inflammable gas from a sewer channelled through and ordinary tube to the stove. Modi was addressing a World Biofuel Day event. Tweeps were quick to give Modi a lesson on how the actual process of making biofuel from sewage waste is more complicated than sticking a tube in a sewer.


According to a June 2018 article on Indian newspaper, Times of India’s website, a foreword by Narendra Modi in a textbook brought out by the Gujarat government mentions: “Indian rishis using their yog vidya would attain divya drishti. There is no doubt that the invention of television goes back to this.”


Tweep @GauravPandhi posted: “Modi told @akshaykumar that he used to wash and iron his clothes himself until he became CM in 2001! Whereas as @LeenaMistrynjcp points out, just a few years ago, Modi met and rewarded his Dhobi ‘Chand’ from 1970s. Liar No. 1.”

Twitter user @affy1901 said Modi logic fails all common sense. The tweep posted: “...If University-educated voters vote for Modi,they should burn their certificates, start a Chai-thela (tea stall), extract gas from sewage, fry pakodas or become chowkidaars. All university-educated #AndhBhakts are foolish and have lost their common sense.”

Some who voted for Modi in 2014, tweeted that they were tired of the lies.

Tweep @AkshayPundir20 posted: “@narendramodi, How can we vote for you? There is highest unemployment during your regime. I cast my vote in 2014 for you but now we understood all your strategies, tactics, and your deceitful #jumlas. You haven’t done anything in regards to unemployment,poverty and so much more?”

@chophika_sumi tweeted: “Enough is enough. How long will PM Modi continue to peddle lies? #CloudyModi”

Using a clip that shows a part of the interview where questions and answers could be seen listed on a sheet in Hindi, some pointed out that the interview could have been scripted.

@IbrahimSiddiqi1 tweeted: “Bhakts (Modi followers) will say that this wasn’t a script, it was a schedule/flow chart for the interview process. Ah! If only the jumla (false promises) party was so organised. #ModiLies.