Pragya Singh Thakur, BJP's Bhopal candidate with Indian journalist Rahul Kanwal

Dubai: Indian doctors are calling out Bharatiya Janata Party’s Bhopal candidate Pragya Singh Thakur after she said in a media interview that rubbing a cow, from the back towards the neck, helps in curing blood pressure issues.

After Thakur’s recent video interview with Indian journalist Rahul Kanwal of the news channel, India Today went viral on Twitter, many questioned the BJP candidate’s claim that she was a cancer patient and was cured after she consumed herbal medicines made using the Panchgavya, a term used to describe five major substances obtained from cows, which include cow’s urine, milk, butter, curd and dung.

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Indian journalist @RanaAyyub tweeted: “Pragya Thakur got bail on health grounds, stating she suffered from breast cancer. Doctors slam her claim,say she never had breast cancer. The NIA is too busy investigating love jihad to seek cancellation of her bail. This is right wing privilege.

Twitter user @shreyaamishra07: “I’m a doctor too. And no stroking a cow won’t relieve high Blood Pressure. And cancer? Certainly not. Believing in one’s culture isn’t about talking senselessly.”

Tweep @rupasubramanya pointed out: “Sadhvi Pragya not just terror accused but also a liar. First courts and a human rights panel found her torture allegations unfounded, and now doctors say she tested negative for breast cancer. This dangerous charlatan has been saying cow urine cured her cancer.”

@nayak_jugal used sarcasm to condemn Thakur’s statements and said it was wrong to use the word Sadhvi (female ascetic) too address her. He posted: “If so, all hospitals should keep cows instead of doctors for blood pressure treatment. Why [are people] calling Pragya Singh a sadhvi? Can anyone call her/himself Sadhvi/Sadhu/Baba? The religious designations are to be given by a designated body...”

And @tapasya_s tweeted: “No amount of belief can excuse the kind of unverified, non-scientific claims that Sadhvi Pragya is propagating as a cure for cancer.”