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A train was made to run non-stop from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, to rescue a three-year-old girl who had allegedly been abducted. The accused kidnapper was allegedly fleeing in the train, but the Railway Police department managed to capture him and foil the abduction.

According to Indian news media outlets, the kidnapper had abducted the child from an area near the Lalitpur railway station. He brought the child to the railway station and boarded the Raptisagar Express, which was leaving from there and heading to Bhopal. Soon, the girl’s mother and other family members reached the railway station, looking for the child.

After they were alerted, the Railway Police Force (RPF) personnel started scanning the CCTV footage of the station. The RPF personnel noticed that the accused had boarded a train that had left the station. An RPF inspector alerted the control room in Bhopal and requested authorities not to stop the train at any station from Lalitpur to Bhopal, reportedly.

The operating control room obliged. Officials at the Bhopal railway station waited for the arrival of the train to detain the suspect. As soon as the train reached Bhopal, the officials arrested the man from one of the compartments and rescued the minor girl.

According to the police, the girl is safe and has been reunited with her family.

However, in an unexpected twist, cops who were questioning the man found out that the 'kidnapper' was none other than the girl's father. Police said that the man had a fight with his wife and had left their home with their three-year-old girl around 3am on Monday.

Apparently, the girl's mother had all along known that her husband had taken away their daughter but had not disclosed it to the cops.

According to news reports, the father and the girl were brought back to Lalitpur later in the day and reunited with the family. Police said that the couple was counselled following the incident.