Abuse of children child
Photo for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

Jashpur, Chhattisgarh, India: A teacher here has been accused of seeking sexual favours from girl students and chicken from other students in lieu of passing them in examinations.

The students said that teacher, Rajesh Kumar Bhardwaj, threatens to fail them in the examinations, saying they will have to bear "severe consequences" if they do not fulfil his demands.

"He said that I have to cater to his physical needs. He was asking for a sexual favour from me. He also asked for chicken," said a girl student.

"He said that I will have to bring chicken for him. Otherwise, the consequences would be not good for me. He also used to drop messages to me on my mobile, saying why I didn't talk to him," said another girl student.

"He said that he will let us copy in the examination of History if we cater to his undue demands," said a group of grade 12 students.

The teacher, when reached, denied the claim.

"I said nothing like that. Sometimes I just used to entertain students. That's all,"  Bhardwaj added.

Meanwhile, the District Education Officer (DEO) said that he will take strict action in the matter.

"The matter has come to my notice. I will seek a report on it. I will take action against the teacher at the earliest. The matter is very serious," said N Kujur, DEO.