Letter to the editor
Photo for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

Patna: A grade seven student in Jharkhand left an emotional message in his school notebook just before he fainted on his way home following a deadly snake bite in the school classroom and died.

The incident took place at a government middle school in Dhanbad district, known as the coal capital of mineral-rich Jharkhand state, on Wednesday afternoon, according to a late reaching report.

Witnesses said 12-year-old Rahul Kumar Ram was leaving his classroom after the end of the school day when a deadly snake bit him on his leg, but he didn’t see the snake. He mistook it for a rat bite and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Reports said hardly had he covered some distance from the school when he felt uneasy and tried to narrate the story to his school friends. However, as his fast-deteriorating condition didn’t allow him to talk much, he hurriedly took out a book from his bag and scrawled a message for help from his family members.

“Please call my brother … can’t walk,” the boy wrote in his notebook before he fell down on the ground and lost unconsciousness.

His friends soon rushed to his home carrying the written message in hand and informed his family members about the incident. The victim was rushed to the local government hospital but died shortly thereafter. Doctors said the boy had been bitten by a deadly snake and by the time he was admitted to the hospital, the venom has spread to every part of his body.

Angry family members accused the teachers of showing negligence towards their child. They, however, calmed down after the school administration promised to grant monetary compensation to them.

The incidents of snakebites have registered a rise in the rainy season with the shelters of the reptiles getting flooded by rain water.