Man climbs up mobile tower
Man climbs up mobile tower in UP after an argument with his wife Image Credit: Twitter/ANI

What do you to cool off after an argument with your spouse? Well, a man in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was so “fed up” after quarrelling with his wife that he climbed up a mobile tower and refused to come down till a group of police officers convinced him.

Twitter users are sharing news reports about the bizarre incident that happened in UP’s Moradabad town, this week.

According to a news report by Indian news agency Asian News International (ANI), the man named Tejpal Singh said that he climbed up the tower because his wife framed him in false cases, and the police were not listening to him.

He said: “I am fed up with my wife. She is trying to frame me in false cases but the police are not listening to me. I want to get rid of this relationship.”

The police said this was Tejpal's second marriage and the couple had argued over some issue.

According to local news reports, soon after he pulled the stunt, local authorities and the police rushed to the spot to convince him to climb down. Finally, after a lot of persuasions, he agreed to climb down.

The incident sparked hilarious comments on Twitter.

Indian tweep @PkPraamod posted: “He might have been trying to cut his wife's mobile network by climbing on top of the mobile tower.”

And, @abhishaek posted: “Can someone climb my area tower and adjust the antenna because [the telecom] company is not doing anything about my poor network complaint.”

Meanwhile, @FoodieAkshay sympathised with the man and commented: “I feel for him.”